SKY in the frosty morning I kissed you twice


I hid

The scared lil girl

I'm the one

The one who remembers that smile as it lands on my face

The kiss from the sky

I can never forget

The way who held my new heart in your hands

so delicate, you were careful not to brake

The child played it cool

The frosty morning

My eyes turned from blue green to grey in reflection of the sky

Old soul meet a soul but I hid away so you did not know just how perfect you are for you, for me

My muse where did you go ?

I'm miserable without you

I need you so

I can set a flame

I'm ready to show you

I thought I had to hide and let you seek

Now I know just how easy it could have been - how I can just be me and let you win by letting you in

- c a t t é