the iceBerg


I was such a punk back then

Sitting in Berg's class

all turned in a poem

he pulls me aside

You didn't do the assignment

Oh but I did you're holding it

This isn't your poem

No, but it's a poem

on the subject handed in

that I did

Berg asks 

Why did you take this class ?

I was bored 

what is it ? 

to take an actual poetry class ?

Berg had read

I was 3 books in 

a poem published 

by the time he met my gaze

Wit to wit

Now knowing a bit

Berg and Bukowski are a good fit

2001 hit the ding dong day

I'm invited in to this 

American Poetry Review I go

He looks he speaks 

do yourself a favor 

don't pursue a career as a poet 

I reply 

that's pretty bold 

done & fucked up 

to say to my face

He states you misconstrue my meaning to you

have it 

the path of the poet

unforgiving life

Then you get it

- catté