Undark the LIGHT

family & friends all over the world

upsetting when darkness strikes against peace

that is against love -

Sing a song for peace

see if you are ok

none of this happens ANYWHERE

this happens EVERYWHERE

good  _ it is happening

evil  _ it is happening

acceptance never tolerates

Light against the dark

Love against the hatred

Hope against the hopeless

Soul against the nothing

Flower against the decay

Kings & Queens against the underlay

Eternal love Eternal flame

that which overpowers the darkness

the dark that will not win

don't let it in

Realize the effect

incidents like this manifest

Take-over is ugly

They use the politic of public popularity

to turn you against this horrible offense - it is all dark no matter where it happens - it is all the same so fight it with love and recognition wherever you see it it is all around and we are out of balance - don't let the darkness win don't let the darkness in