life love, a memorial dear friend, and the one

to keep busy and turning it off - on - n o off 
as it keeps wanting to go back on
where i step, there it is , the song is heard through the speakers
you sit next to a friend and they begin to play it
you look for a peaceful spot, and there it is again 
message message message
relentless it moves

a tough month and the moth-man left wing-skids-when 
the moon peaked blue
r a m m m m m i n g 
onward they move

seriousness shut it off- i
i want to play -   make a sound ,spin the paint round-a-round
is this a trick when people say they are ready 
to move into serious when everyone wanted a play
now i meet to greet the great stance 
seriousness everywhere, well ok
turn the page, can we meet there ?

tomorrow is going to be real tough, real exposed, and not sure how it goes
i know it is going to be warm, connected and celebrated S T I L L
this is an uncomfortable front one that will be faced 

g e m i n i
m i r a c l e s
m o o n
s e t s o u n d 
within it all 
 finding i
loving i
being with i
knowing and belonging to i
and going with this flow that pulls me within it all 
the tide

- catté