the move

ideas from the left, swoosh in from the right 
popKEIRK MFFburst
ram in as they all attempt a new - a new ?
new forms to form - new ? repeated repetition repeat
do old formulas combined create - new ? 
not planned, never planned, a new plan ?
singular concentration to multi-layered devotion 
follow-through on that first initiation
- in completion - tapping onto all in points of time 
to the sound of please 

my hands fall far behind my mind in time
my hands caress and satisfy physical frets 
the mind not pleased yet

no need to add to this race, all natural in pace
please pass the wind-down 
i can slow-down and dream loud in a whisper dissonance : resonance : harmony
assist in the mist that clears soon to the (un) dress and twist 
the move

- catté