doing It almost done

A wall I started painting. It's taking longer than usual but I am doing it....almost done

You've seen the worst of me. I did not mean them to come out that way. Reaction without thought

A blind baboon in madness.

I can not change back to what was only to continue to move with what is & is - I hope you can still see the fun the me the free

I don't want serious or a cage that will suffocate and madden me - A one-sided assumption that set off the trigger - blown to bits my heart my spirit my wish

   I want to love who I am now. I want love to be real forgiving a love that feels alive and vibrant the kind that makes hair standup on end and takes your lips to quiver the kind that tingles and tickles while losing your breath. I want to change want to I am & I am becoming -

I have ... toO I can ...toO I be

a series of storms, the kind that crush spirit, trust, love, and optimism ~ within its depths I've survived. Gett-ing to the know & licking wounds

a new journey you are comfort your words your voice a tone that set off a world of unknown yet felt like my own

to dance with you made me scared and nervous - my heart raced and I felt faint and you made me question the last steps of me

Your wisdom - every time it was as though you knew every inch of me and that scared me even more. I'm the one who can sabotage please don't let me be successful with this decree. I don't want to win any more wars. I have been on a mission of peace and bliss so the child can play and the woman in me give release fiercely caressingly lovingly free.

All those before wanted to possess the idea without seeing me. You see me the all of me deep within my dark places touched upon my light spaces and I think you survived. So when I do call know it to be kind, giving without expecting and wanting without strain but learning just the same.

- catté