on my own

another adventure
on my own
i can't be around too many or any at all for now
and please definitely no crowds, it didn't turn out well; as i felt the prowl

at the crossing a cyclist speeds by
from behind he shouts
into my head woo ! woo ! woo !
hands arms go up as my step quickens
like the cat that fled & flew at the pounce of another
the sidewalk at an instant to my toes 
lifted i did not trip
the officer she tried not to laugh
as i was stunned i couldn't even curse or speak to none
she said it takes all kinds of wackos
i looked out an thought damn 
scared hat 
what the shit 
out of me the cat

another day another adventure on my own
guide turned blind NOW the guide has returned
it is up to stored memory and the creature 
that is a part of you, i and all
of habit to subside and release the gamete

i'm stirred but not shaken 
will settle all will settle settle down now dear

- catté