i was to play like poet like artist

there was you
eyes facing the light of day
art in all it had to say
unconscious and at play
not yet of spoken word
action being the ground-breaking term

before me there was you
when i set my eye upon such
i did not know what to do

as the greats guild a guide
i decided they knew
was i to play like poet like artist
to think i was immune
to the wish for someone to go on and be true
whilst thoughts flow 
knowing that i was i and you were you

time has left a mark of question
careless like a child does
but every part of us loves
how at play one can be 
as the ducks dive as the hawks fly free
as the lark sings 
as the harp tries to be 
as nature does nature will do
who am i / who are you
what is this that weaves something new
- catté