one of my very first of close friends 
lived next door to my father's parents
from what I can recall they were from Pakistan
i could be wrong
i just knew her as my friend
as we grew
one day began
a separation of direction
in secret we were alike, from the outside they thought friction
i was told I could no longer keep the company of my friend
10 11, i do not remember
i all knew was that she was my friend
i asked my grandparents why, i do not understand
why can i not keep my friend
this is the way of things, i was told
her world calls her to take a new direction
of solitude she must go
i saw her once more
released from her cage, i pondered, what for
i would never think of it as such
if i new that she did not want freedom so much
to this day i wonder such
as i remember her voice as it quivered
when we said goodbye cause i caused too much
i did not realize why
now as an elder
i wish we could have sheltered such independent thoughts
til one day we could say 
it is ok
to have friends and thoughts like us
she showed me a world of music
that one day i would embrace
and to this day I think of her, her family, and hope they are in a peaceful place
- catté