experience at mystery pier books

I went to two masses today and some service in between because I owe my life to those around me. Mostly for others I sat in silence and for all those children and for you.
I was asked to bring up the gifts, so I did. The priest thanked me and I thanked him. The lady who asked me blessed me and as mass ended the priest walking by thanked me again and told me to enjoy my day. So instead of turning right I turned left to see where it would take me. I had a book store in mind but what I found was a whole other book shop and experience in store. Inside was Harvey and he gave me a tour. I met his dear friend, the pro wrestler. The three of us chatted. I fell in love when I walked through the door. I never knew this place existed! Harvey showed me everything but what he did next, I almost shed a tear. He opened a case. Inside sat the original first edition plays and books of Hemingway and Shakespeare. He pulled a book open to reveal the inside of genius and time and asked me to please touch the pages ... I almost died !
I looked at Harvey and his friend and thought these are kind people the kind I'd like to call friend.

- catté