Peace Under A Roaring Sun

i miss you more than the longest day of a lifetime that wishes to close it's eyes just to catch a glimpse of the smile that is courted with dimples

i miss you more than the warmth of the sun on a hot summer day in a room that had no walls and sung through the trees

i miss you more than the words of past and the words of future innocence that see the peace that we felt the night before the last

i miss you more than the night looking for it's moon and the sky for it's sun : our faces that gave accent to a dappled start and a roaring song

i miss you then, i meant it, and i miss you now forever

d a n i e l l e

The Light in The Dark


I was drunk on you

You were my great escape

My muse My landscape

The horizons of your kiss left eternal bliss

the sun did shine to warm our faces with warm rays of shift

Many firsts held many gifts

You unlocked my many layers with the touch of your finger as it picked up the tear that took breath just below my window

This touch unlocked the last layer to my heart

I called upon you My Lover

- catté


SKY in the frosty morning I kissed you twice


I hid

The scared lil girl

I'm the one

The one who remembers that smile as it lands on my face

The kiss from the sky

I can never forget

The way who held my new heart in your hands

so delicate, you were careful not to brake

The child played it cool

The frosty morning

My eyes turned from blue green to grey in reflection of the sky

Old soul meet a soul but I hid away so you did not know just how perfect you are for you, for me

My muse where did you go ?

I'm miserable without you

I need you so

I can set a flame

I'm ready to show you

I thought I had to hide and let you seek

Now I know just how easy it could have been - how I can just be me and let you win by letting you in

- c a t t é


Those are my people . . .

I like people who own it, are strong in spirit, believe in their inner-power, who express / develop their power, the ones with strong character, the ones who are okay with their vulnerability, those who aren't afraid to be courageous - those are my people (humor a must) the ones who can laugh at themselves and with others, the ones who listen and the ones who speak truth - that allow trust, respect, honesty, love and laughter to happen to develop naturally with patience

Those are my people . . .

- c a t t é


after all was gone my nephew kept asking DD what are you doing? I was out on the deck by myself. I said "Can I show you ?" He took my hand and I walked him out to a field filled with mama deer and their spotted fawn. He asked me to pick him up. The deer watched us and we walked out to greet them ... I showed him another side to animals and he saw they were just as timid as he can be. Melt.

- c a t t é 


HeatLightning (Sky)

Pink amongst blue-gray

Erratic tension in a sky

Light Dance with Strength Stance


No win

No loss

Togetherness in a romantic sky

Champagne Pink

drizzled on a Frosty Stone

- catté


Real to Real on play mode

No pause

No delay

No stop motion on this stage

Real to Real babe

Free Expression

Open dedication to a real PlayStation

- catté

Pronto has a horse namedTonto

Pronto has a horse named Tonto

today is ridiculous

the air rides thick

the voice squeezed to peep

get me to the studio

get me there pronto

- c a t t é

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What a pleasantly present day

that is today

This day

Smiles and waves at every turn

Where am I ?  in LA?

A train conductor shyly glances

A bike messenger, from the street below, waves and prances

I looked out my studio window

People comment on my healthy face and say you're in a place

Ding-Dong on the studio door

it's the British female

She's asking for more

would I be in her tv show

as I look to the floor

Today - what a bizarre day

it was today

it felt as though I was back in LA

- c a t t é


{o may be one but c lets a bit more in}

when you enter a space -

'know the setting'

can be applied to all aspects of life

and what is created;

as long as

you know going into it

- c a t t é



a fighter"

i/m now, here, now

i/ve been a gift - LIFE

to a point of Y

catching my attention

goodness has gifted me chances

i am luck

the story yet to be told

born with gift, to give, it mACHES

the road rough, full of boulders

i/ve met many

words are temporary


female vessel

please know life has not been easy

we fought

fight for life,

my fight for love, my fight for peace, my fight for voice, my fight for freedom, my fight for who i am, my fight to create for i am an artist

started the day i was born

my fight to be

started too young

i/ve fought for everything

gracious to receive, gracious to give

naive, anxious to believe

life is to live

life is to give

life is to be


you may be born this way

your natural instinct to give and receive

the world has created

in your absence


challenges your every move

holds you down still

makes you shout out

till the vibration penetrates the moral fiber or your soul

muffled into thought

W AKE no more mACHE

for i/am P A C É

- c a t t é

h a w k s

at home in the woods

flying down into the yard

i use to paint them 

from images

from memories

at Moosehead

in my dreams

i use to paint them

they left me feathers

on the Appalachian Trail 

at Moosehead

in Griffith Park in Los Angeles

during an encounter 

within the hidden greens

within the hidden hills of Runyon

I think I saw you once

I kept hiking / running / moving

I like to keep moving

as the h a w k


played out the path

I follow feathers

dropped down to me

in my dreams i paint as hawks fly

in my dreams i sing as hawks call

in my dreams i move now as hawks do

in my dreams i'm in my dreams now more than ever

now i hear their calls at home, in NYC, in Philly, when i am walking - they seem to follow me - that 


black bird,

those birds would follow me too

on walks through Los Angeles, in Griffith Park

followed me home and stomped on my roof

their stomps and gliding in the air above became so thick the sky darkened


the hawks soared in

the moment's call

s k w a h h h h h h


- c a t t é

Lose it!

Lose it!

Lose Your Fear of Being Wrong

Notice the beginnings of a  Recognition

to the notice, to the beauty

within the inn innside the lesson,

within the inn - the mistake

a home is not where an inn takes place

where love of oneself does not make

Perhaps we can start there

To bring about us to bring us to


- c a t t é

sister sister what a twister

when you find yourself in this space

where a sister tries to take your enlightened bliss; your god-given-grace

rid yourself from her place


as she accumulates those in your worlds

all you can do is love her, forgive her

for all she has done, she has done to herself


she re-lives it all again and again

know that she is a filter

your life, you know

tis best as she presents her reel

it winds and spins again

sister sister she's a twister


to all the sisters i've said goodbye to -

i still love you

from a place you can never reach again

i wish you peace

you know this

as it was my goodbye

in LA LA

when you see me

please - walk on that person is dead

-c a t t é

the 12:10 train

The silver of the night

Streaking above the parallel planes of fire mortar and what was once the ice of these times

Where am I right now

Recognized state out of place



Blue Caps



Yellow and orange winks

Bounce in a fierce dance

within the brink's

shadowed words

a shaded reach

disguised cries

along their stumble street

this is the late night

trek from my studio


- catté

Undark the LIGHT

family & friends all over the world

upsetting when darkness strikes against peace

that is against love -

Sing a song for peace

see if you are ok

none of this happens ANYWHERE

this happens EVERYWHERE

good  _ it is happening

evil  _ it is happening

acceptance never tolerates

Light against the dark

Love against the hatred

Hope against the hopeless

Soul against the nothing

Flower against the decay

Kings & Queens against the underlay

Eternal love Eternal flame

that which overpowers the darkness

the dark that will not win

don't let it in

Realize the effect

incidents like this manifest

Take-over is ugly

They use the politic of public popularity

to turn you against this horrible offense - it is all dark no matter where it happens - it is all the same so fight it with love and recognition wherever you see it it is all around and we are out of balance - don't let the darkness win don't let the darkness in