Danielle Catté

is currently an artist in residence at CCA in Ashmead Village



Artist Danielle Catté is known as a painter, sculptor and illustrator. In 2014, the artist created Aeramique (functions as studioAER); a high-end porcelain ware production studio. She also founded studioD (Danielle Catté) specializing in painting and sculpture.

Danielle is set to release her first poetry book with illustrations by the artist. She goes by the pen name - catté. The book will contain poems and short stories that range from 1990 to 2017.

She has worked over twenty years in the entertainment industry as a creative director, installation artist and is a known singer/performer. Danielle Catté has a new start-up called LIVFES that operates as studioLIVFES. This will be her third studio she has founded/co-founded where she works with concept, functionality and design on a collaborative level. Her former studios have been Otica and artiQlate.

As an artist she has operated under the names Otica, Animal Paint, and DMC. She now goes by her family name (dating back to Europe) Danielle Catté.